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Fight fire with fire

I would rather be a body of water.

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The pay back

When someone gets back at you for something you never had any intention of doing…. Life goes on. Romans 8:31

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These woman are not loyal

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Dentist: do you smoke?
Me: why you Tryna light up?

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"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

Almost forgot to upload this one for Trey (: I love you!

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Call on him

Anger, malice, and jealousy all lead to death. Why promote death in your spiritual being?

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I crave conversation.


a thought provoking, passionate and honest exchange of words.
a battle between tongues.
a mutual connection of intimacy through intellectual stimulation.

strangers talk to each other.

we’ve developed a relationship that surpasses even the most amicable of acquaintances.

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